Yuune Sugihara, or rather as he calls himself, Sugizo, is the offspring of man and woman, yet not your regular kin of Adam. Never did he have a taste of the forbidden fruit that was presented to the one created out of the rib of the first man that has been set upon earth himself, Eve. And neither did he find an ancestor in the likes of who is generally thought to be derived from a class of female demons, Lilith. Rather than that, he descended from Poseidon. The one who built Atlantis aeons ago for his kind to reside within. From there on many of bloodlines have developed themselves within the lineage of their progeny. Merpeople were liked to be shaped to specific characteristics, ones that have developed in a sense to the survival of the fittest. With his 6’ 7” in length, this man was not your averaged sized opponent. Most merman are said to be particularly tall in height, and nor does their casual size leave anyone laughing their guts out. A widened torso, strong arms and legs meant for swimming great distances and gills carved out within the length of his pale neck does Sugizo resemble the likes of a fish, or in this case, more that one of a vicious shark with his blue-tinted skin that was layered out in an expanded map over his masculine body, one used for hunting and journeys of grave distances. He stood strong on the surface of the earth despite being a creature that had risen from the depths, his balance greatly advanced on the levels of having acquired the skill of walking upon land successfully, for the webbing between both toes and fingers brings along its difficulties. Yet the loose skin among the spacing between one mercreature’s phalanxes were ingeniously useful for the likes of shaping water to any form one would like. And even with the mind could one propitiously bend any type of liquid to a favorable size or shape. Determined, and with a strong mind, Sugizo has, as if it was destined, acquired the gift of telekinesis. From a radius in which his line of sight allowed him to look as far as he could for the item to be caught by his far-seeing eye, moving objects with only the power of one’s mind was something that for this creature in question, was a skill that he long had yearned for to be improving.

Yet the man is considerably calm when you catch him in one of his rare moods where the creature was settled in a state of mind more presentable towards the outer world. Salt-watered species were often much more violent and created with a shorter fuse than their distant cousins in the sweetness of the beings of lakes, rather than the vast oceans. No, that was rather a different story. Imagine your usual dip in the lake, common in use in synonymity to your regular student that had gone out on a particularly sunny day in late May, a perfect occasion to be cleansing one’s spirit in the waters that were meant to be safe. But were they truly without danger? None would have ever thought about the beasts that reigned in this realm, far beyond the surface of the aquamarine colour that the coral and many species of plants and anemones would cast a spectrum to against the emerging of the liquid forms that had been spread out across an horizon that none was ever yet to reach out for. For when one was to enter upon these blue lagoons the creatures of the depths were always aware of their presence. Where they did lurk from in the darkness was their hideout, and the more atrocious ones would sharpen their claws and put a point on their tridents, ready to strike out. Those were the ones that were never to reveal themselves to the mammals that had surfaced over this planet. The wild and the wicked vermin among their race. But where they resided within the murky waters, there were also the ones that did seek for peace, and a harmony among all creatures of the sea where they could all live in unity. They are the ones risen from the depths of the ocean, where one would find them wandering the earth quite often, thirsting for a home where they once had gone stray from were they to be an outcast from the kinship. Their families were harsh, their royals from dictating class and merciless upon the ones that were to cause rebellion against their higher pioneers. Such goes for Sugizo. After the clash of his own trident with that of his Father, after having undergone the horrible punishment of being cast out of their family, the creature had gone astray of his home, where he was most likely never to return to again. An abomination, he had been. The heart of a young man was beating quickly, and this drenched organ of this siren in particular had been reaching out, hankering for the touch of a woman who was in need, alike himself. One that would allow for him to be free, yet claimed by the chains of the opposite sex that did so deliciously burn the scales off of his bones. A human, she had been. One that he had fallen in love with after he had called for her on a stormy night. It was not unusual for merfolk to go wandering from their homes deep beyond the surface of the sea, whereof instead they often did enjoy the warm sun on their faces. And that was where he had met her, just off-coast, competing against the winds that her sailboat navigated on. She had been mesmerized by his song, played on an old violin that he had been carrying around with himself for as long as he could remember. Blonde, she had been, with waves of golden curling down to the mid-length of her back, her eyes two big orbs of marine blue that he could lose himself in whenever the time was there. For months, he had sung for her, he had played until his fingers would have bled the thick, green ooze that was pumped through his veins. For so long, had he kept this secret hidden from his Father, one that would show absolutely no mercy once he would be finding out about the ambiguous mystery that Sugizo had promised his lover to never be discovered.

After having lost the battle to his Father and having lost his lover and unborn child as they were both drowned within the sea that he paid homage to itself, Sugizo was banned from the kingdom that he had once had called his home. Now he was left as a voyager across the seas, searching for that one place where he did belong. Where he could set sail for and yet once again rule at as a great entity of the waters that he could bend to any shape and form that he adored. Lands he hiked over, moors he traveled through. Perhaps an education, that was what he needed. There had been talk in the town that Yuune did have settled in of an academy not too far away from where he had made his bed at. From the single acquaintance that the sea-being had made in this fisher man’s town settled against the high structure of the shoreline had he gained knowledge of the fact that the academy was ever on a search for new students to be at least visiting its grounds to see if they were at all interested enough to be applying to an education. The teachers were said the be high professors that could cause for one to master in any subject that they had dreamed of to be overpowering. To succeed in finishing such degrees was perhaps a chance for Sugizo to prove to his Father that he was indeed worthy of living on the bottom of the world’s existence again. Where he could swim freely, without the sharp eyes of his sire burning the protective covering off of his back. That he was capable of showing more than the morbidity of the intimacy he had once shared with a human, mortal woman that was now far out of his reach where she and his murdered heir had found their final resting place at the bottom of the marine sea. It was not long before the young man had applied for his scholarship at the institute for higher apprenticeship with a letter sent out to their address. He could only hope to be accepted soon and find a way out of this forsaken joint.